Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide. In order to offer coffee easy to their guests, many companies opt for investing in a  commercial automatic espresso machine. You can find one of these machines in office buildings and public places such as theaters or malls and coffee shops. You can even consider having one at your residence if you find it appropriate. 

This guide will help you get the best commercial automatic espresso machine for your circumstances. Please consider the following aspects and see what product you should invest in to make the most out of it!

Things to consider before purchasing a commercial automatic espresso machine 

Before you pull out your credit card to purchase one of these products, you will have to understand what they are, how they work, and what aspects to pay attention to. So, here are the most important things to consider when you need a commercial automatic espresso machine!

What Is A Commercial Automatic Espresso Machine?

A commercial automatic espresso machine will offer you the espresso you need with the touch of one button. Such appliances come with more options, such as different types of coffee. So, you will not just get the espresso kind. Automatic commercial espresso machines work great in coffee shops. They offer fast coffee, great taste, and cheap cost.

If you plan to use an automatic espresso machine for your coffee shop, it is crucial to get a commercial type. A home automatic espresso machine will not resist the number of coffees required in a business. 

Several brands on the market offer commercial automatic espresso machines. Our company can bring you the best product with all the features you want, at a great price. Speaking of such a machine’s cost, the prices can get relatively high on the range! 

commercial automatic espresso machine

What To Look For In A Commercial Automatic Espresso Machine?

If you never purchased an automatic espresso machine for commercial purposes, there are certain things you need to consider. 

Output is essential 

The output is very important as you need to know how many drinks your machine can offer a day. Depending on the space you put your espresso machine in, you might need more or less drinks per day. You can even look into drinks per hour if you plan to place the espresso machine in an area with high traffic.

For coffee shops, for instance, you need a commercial espresso machine that offers many drinks per hour, especially during your busy days. The same will happen if you want to place the machine in a library or university. 

Variety of drinks

Will your commercial automatic espresso machine make only coffee, or you want it for other drinks too? There are such machines that offer several types of coffee as well as tea and even warm milk. You will have to check the options provided by your espresso machine and go for the type that will suit your clients best. The more drinks such a device offers, the better for your place.

You will enjoy all types of clients, and you will reach more popularity as well. You will also have to make sure you can provide the products to create the variety of drinks your machine offers. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting a latte and discovering the machine has no milk. 


You will have to check the maintenance of such an espresso machine. Details like how often you need to clean it, recharge it or check its parts are crucial. Each product comes with a description and a set of specifications.

So, take a look at them and see if you can keep up with the maintenance schedule that your espresso machine requires. In terms of cleaning your espresso machine, you want one that can be cleaned quickly and fast. Most likely, you will have to establish a cleaning and refill routine to keep your device up and running at the best standards. 


The design of a commercial automatic espresso machine is more important than you might think. It has to be both appealing and functional. You want an espresso machine that will match the background you put it into. So look at the colors of its case and also at the shape and size.

Your device should be easy to notice but not too obvious to disturb the decor of your space. Going for neutral colors is always a safe idea. You can invest in such a machine that comes in a clack, grey, or blue design. These colors tend to match all types of background, and they can elegantly complement all spaces. 


You will find commercial automatic espresso machines at all types of prices. These products are in the thousands of dollars, so you should expect to make quite an investment when purchasing such a product.

The prices of such machines vary according to the features they come with and how many drinks they can offer per day. At our store, you will find plenty of products, from budget-friendly ones to more costly types. 

An important aspect you need to consider when you look at the cost of such a machine is how much coffee, sugar, milk, water, and other products it is going to consume. The electricity it takes will also be necessary. All these aspects add up to the cost and financial maintenance of a commercial automatic espresso machine. 

Wrap Up 

When you purchase a commercial automatic espresso machine, you will have to think long-term. The better your product is, the more it will last. Consequently, the more your espresso machine stays in perfect shape, the better of a purchase it is.

Apply the aspects mentioned in this article and see which type of espresso machine suits you best! If you put quality first, you and your clients will be delighted with your coffee breaks, and your space will reach new levels of popularity.