A Hamilton Beach juicer is the ideal machine for all your juicing needs for fast, fresh, tasty, nutritious fruit and vegetable juices. The compact and lightweight juicer is easy to use, set up, clean, and store. Furthermore, a robust 800-watt motor quickly processes dense fruit and vegetables for a smoother, richer yield. You also reduce prep time and effort with the juicer since most items require no peeling or dicing.

In addition, the juicer is a durable, high-speed machine that’s fast, reliable, and efficient. It’s also affordable, economical, and value for money.  

Review of this Hamilton Beach Juicer:

Hamilton Beach juicer

A BigMouth Chute

The primary feature of the juicer is the three-inch extra-wide chute that absorbs whole foods to minimize prep time. It means you spend less time chopping and peeling. The feeding chute is super-efficient in processing a wide range of textures for smoother, tastier juices.

Extra-large Pulp Bin

The super-sized pulp bin collects the pulp to keep your work area neat. Further, it also ensures there are fewer spills and messes to clean up. Emptying the bin is easy and stress-free.

Food Pusher

It’s a handy tool to help guide more rigid fibers of fruit and vegetables into the chute. It is lightweight and easy to handle and ensures you get maximum yield from the food.


Hamilton Beach juicers are highly versatile for making all types of juices, smoothies, and other liquid meals. Our juicer can handle ginger root, beets, carrots, pears, cucumbers, leafy greens, apples, celery, and more. In addition, it can also make fresh plant milk from nuts, rice, or soybeans. Moreover, you can also juice mangoes, nectarines, cherries, plums, melons, pineapples, apricots, and nectarines.


The design of the juicer features a sleek, black color that’s smooth to the touch. The sturdy, durable plastic material is food-safe and long-lasting.

Why Would I buy Hamilton Beach Juicer?

Hamilton Beach is a worldwide household name in sturdy, durable, reliable appliances. You can get a juicer at a competitive price with all of the features, performance, durability, and affordability you desire. Our juicer is user-friendly, lightweight, compact, and easy to store.

It’s the ideal juicer for smaller kitchen and countertop spaces. The removable parts are easy to detach, clean, and reassemble.


Further, A Hamilton Beach juicer is affordable, convenient, safe, easy to use, clean, and upkeep. The parts are food-safe and easy to clean and maintain.


It is suitable for juicing a range of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. With drier pulp per yield, you can make compost and other eco-friendly mixes for garden use.


Spending time in the kitchen gets a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. The machine helps reduce prep time and energy in the kitchen. Juicing is fast, reliable, and efficient. Further, there’s little need to chop or peel your fruits since the extra-wide chute takes in the whole fruit at once.

Stylish design

The design of the blender fits well into any modern kitchen style. It features a sleek, black finish that is smooth and easy to clean. BPA-free plastic is easy to clean and is solid and long-lasting.


Our juicer operates on 800 watts of power to deliver a robust juicing action. Further, the motor is durable and cuts through some of the toughest fruits and vegetables around. When you compare the juicer to other similar brands, many users report they get higher yields per batch. Further, the juices are smoother since the pulp is drier, indicating they extract much more juice per batch.


  • Brand: Hamilton beach
  • Weight: 9:28 pounds
  • Model No: 67601A
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Wattage: 800


  • BPA-free plastic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BigMouth Feed chute
  • Powerful 800-Watt Motor
  • Extra-large pulp bin

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Detachable parts
  • Fast and efficient
  • Lightweight


  • The juice may be frothy
  • The motor may be loud

Benefits of this Juicer:

With the Hamilton Beach juicer, you can enjoy rich, tasty, nutrition-dense milk and fresh, healthy fruit and vegetable juices. The machine is sturdy and reliable and efficiently juices whole fruits, tough vegetables, and citrus items for a wide range of liquid meals. Furthermore, the design is compact and lightweight, and easy to assemble and handle.

Moreover, our machine is affordable, durable, economical, and value for money. It also offers a more sustainable juicing process that produces drier pulp and richer juices. It means you get much more yield from your food. In addition, you save time and energy with minimal prep time, peeling, dicing, or chopping.

Lock and Latch

Our juicer is also safe to use with the lock and latch that stays in place to minimize spills. You will have fewer spills and messes to clean up after juicing.

Handy Package

Along with the juicer, you will get a machine with accessories that make juicing a hassle-free experience. There’s a strainer bowl, a food pusher, and a cover. In addition, there’s a recipe guide and a stainless steel micro-mesh cutter/strainer that filters pulp for smooth blends. There’s also a convenient recipe book with easy-to-follow recipe ideas


The juicer is safe and hygienic to use since it features BPA-free plastic material. The material ensures you juice in a cleaner environment.

Cleaning kit

Cleaning the blender is super easy with our convenient cleaning kit. It comes with a cleaning brush for quick, easy cleaning. The removable parts fit into the dishwasher for fast, easy cleanup.

Detachable parts

The BPA-free blender parts are easy to assemble and detach. The washable components are dishwasher safe and easy to reassemble.

Wrap Up

Choosing a Hamilton Beach juicer offers several benefits that make preparing fresh, natural juices easier and more economical. Our juicers are fast, reliable, efficient, durable, and sustainable. Moreover, you get more juice per yield with our powerful 800-watt motor. The machine is highly versatile for juicing a wide range of fruits and vegetables or making milk. 

In addition, you spend less time in the kitchen. Our extra-wide feeding chute handles whole foods without any dicing, peeling, or chopping. Saving time and energy means fewer spills and cleaning up and much more time to enjoy your recipes. Also, a handy package includes several tools to help simplify tasks and ensure you get consistent juicing results in every batch.