Close your eyes and imagine a snowy Sunday morning you are sitting on a couch wrapped up in a cozy blanket, sipping a steaming mug of hot coffee. Or maybe it’s a hectic Monday morning. You woke up late, and getting a caffeinated drink without having to stand in a long line before Starbucks is just what you need at that moment. In both these situations, coffee is vital, and a single-serve coffee maker is essential. So the question is, what is the best single serve coffee maker which can help you stay caffeinated?  

Good for you. Our team is here to do the tedious research. The research requires us to drink free coffee from the top best single serve coffee makers and then find the best one. I love my job. In our search to find the most efficient single-serve coffee makers so that you get caffeine in your bloodstream without sacrificing your taste buds or precious time, we had five criteria set for three types of coffee drinkers in mind.  

Who Should Invest In A Single Serve Coffee Maker?

Single-serve coffee makers are gaining popularity in the market because they produce a single portion perfect for one cup instead of making a brew for many people. If you are one of the types of people we have described below, then you should already have a single-serve coffee maker standing tall on your kitchen counter.

Casual coffee drinker: If you are the kind of person that enjoys coffee with their morning breakfast or maybe just once a day (instead of downing four cups). Then a single-serve coffee maker is ideal for you.

Only coffee drinker: If you live alone or live with a family out of whom you are the only person who enjoys coffee, then you should consider buying a single-serve coffee maker.

It is always late but needs morning coffee: if you require coffee to function properly throughout the day and need it quick, then a single-serve coffee maker can satisfy your needs in a few minutes. 

what is the best single serve coffee maker

What Qualities Should A Good Single Serve Coffee Maker Have?

Not all single-serve coffee makers are created equal. They all cater to different needs, and we have graded them based on these needs. A good single-serve should make coffee in the fewest possible steps while being sturdy, trusty, and clean. People can get overwhelmed by advanced features and extra buttons; therefore, we love a self-explanatory machine. 

Following Are The Assessed Features:

Convenience: Easy to operate, clean, and store the machine

Speed: The speed with which the water is heated and coffee is brewed. Faster the better

Exhibit: The display should be easy to understand and should look attractive in the kitchen?

Extra features: Advanced features such as the ability to take reusable pods or adjust to various pod sizes, brew strengths, and timers or alarms were taken into account.

The Verdict 

So back to the big question, “what is the best single serve coffee maker?”

Based on the above-set criteria, we found that Keurig K-Cafe is the best single-serve coffee maker nowadays.

Best Choice: Keurig K-Cafe, ($180, Amazon)

You are going to love this machine. It’s like having a little personal barista 24/7 at your service. Its sleek and aesthetic design with the modern-day charm and attached milk frother gives it a “coffee shop” vibe. 


The machine is 12.5 tall and 15.3 wide with a 60 ounces removable water reservoir attached to the left side along with the heating system and control panel in the middle. 

It will sit tall on the counter, looking gorgeous. They come in four coffee sizes, including 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces, along with an espresso shot button (2 oz) for lattes. In addition to this, it has a healthy brew option as well. On the right side of the machine is a milk frother with three modes: latte, cappuccino, and cold froth. Various milk types can be used as per your dietary choice. 


To brew a coffee cup, you need to fill the water reservoir to the max line and then place your mug in the drip tray. Plus, point the drip tray is removable, and a travel-sized mug can also easily fit in. Any mug up to 7.2 inches can easily be placed like a K-Cup pod in the holder. Now, press the “coffee” button, followed by the cup button size and finally the brew button in the middle. To make a coffee shits, press “Latte & Capp” instead of “Coffee” and then the brew button. 

To froth the milk, fill the frother, place it on the frother base, and then press the “Latte” or “Capp” button as per your preference; after 3-minute heating, the process will be done. If you want to make cappuccino or iced latte, press the “Cold” button after choosing “Latte” or even “Capp.” Moreover, the machine will automatically turn off 90 seconds after the coffee is ready; hence, it is energy-efficient.

The coffee made is of excellent quality. It might not equal the one made by an expensive espresso machine, but it is a close second. It is a good option if you do not want to get into the hassle of using a home espresso machine but still want a decent full, foamy milk froth amateur latte or cappuccino, making it the best single-serve coffee maker. 

Easy to Clean

This machine is low maintenance and requires minimum hassle for cleaning. The frother needs to be cleaned after every use, but that is not an issue because the whisk, frother lid, and frother are all dishwasher safe. Simultaneously, the water reservoir and exit and entrance needle are recommended to be cleaned occasionally. 


Keurig K-Cafe is very reasonably priced. Such machines usually range between $150 to $200. Moreover, the coffee is almost as good as any expensive home espresso machine. 

Wrap Up

Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve Coffee, Latte & Cappuccino Maker is an excellent investment for your kitchen. It makes good quality coffee at a reasonable price and less time (8oz/ 35sec). Plus, it is low maintenance and energy-efficient.